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18 steps to identify your Target Market

Here are 18 steps to identify your Target Market

  1. Define the general physical profile for your target customer
  2. List the traits that define the universe that applies to your business
  3. Focus first on those who NEED what you sell
  4. Begin by researching 6 current customers
  5. First, consider their age ranges, and select the youngest, mid- range and oldest male & female customers you currently serve
  6. You don’t need to physically interview them, just record the information you know about them
  7. You’re just looking to establish the basic ranges
  8. Approximate their income level
  9. Once you record this information using the age ranges for both your male and female clients, repeat this process as it applies to their ages and marital status
  10. Again, choose current customers that represent the youngest, mid-range & oldest single, married & divorced customers you presently service
  11. This should get you started developing a fairly accurate range of information
  12. You’re going to revise this general list later
  13. Remember, define the available universe of human beings or businesses that NEED what you sell?
  14. Use your current clients as a starting point
  15. Begin with your current customers… you MUST be presently doing something to attract these types to your business
  16. Our next presentation will overview the emotional profile for your target customer… and explain why emotions are 90% of the small business success equation
  17. The emotional profile helps us discover your target customers “hot buttons”
  18. Hot buttons are the problems, frustrations, fears and concerns your target customers tend to share as a group… and when you discover their hot buttons, they open the door for your business to dominate your market
Robert Ritch

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