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30 Second Elevator Pitch Template

Here is template for a 30 second elevator pitch.

Do you know how… (list 2 to 3 negative emotions – frustrated, furious, overwhelmed, clueless, demanding, frightened, desperate, struggling, angry, concerned, worried)
(ideal client description – dog lovers, young adults, chronic pain sufferers, overweight men, homeowners, business owners, brides-to-be, new mothers) are
(what their hot button is – looking for a repair shop that is honest and fair, searching for a doctor who will spend more than 2 minutes with them, looking for long-lasting and possibly permanent pain relief, looking to buy that perfect “X”)
but they (list 2 – 3 major frustrations – have no clue if the price is fair, have no idea what they need, don’t know who to trust, have no way to know if their being lied to or possibly ripped off).
What I do is… (action verb – help, guide, teach, review, provide, consult with, present) them with a
(overview of solution – tested and proven method, quick and pain-free solution, revolutionary new procedure) that
(solution to hot button – immediately attracts more client, instantly relieves their pain, puts them in touch with the help they need) so they can
(list 3 benefits to them – live a pain free life, build the business of their dreams, finally give the perfect gift, find a contractor that won’t rip them off).


Robert Ritch

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