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How Target Customers Decide To Buy What You Sell

There’s a common belief that many customers make their decision to buy products based solely on the facts and figures behind the product. However, very few decisions are made using facts and figures. Customers often use emotions and past experiences to connect themselves to products they are planning on purchasing. For example, cars don’t solely represent a means of transportation. If they did, then purchases would be made solely off of the price. Consumers buy based on emotion, and they want their purchases to reflect what they’re feeling.


There are four steps to uncover exactly what your target customer wants. The first step is to look at the world from your customer’s point of view. To figure out exactly what your customers want, you need to mentally step into their shoes and visualize how they feel about their current situation. The key to effectively marketing and selling your product or service lies in your ability to understand the emotions of your target customers.


The second step is to ask yourself if your business truly offers what your customers want. As a business, your main goal is to solve the problems that your customers face. Most importantly, you need to evaluate your solution to problems with your competitor’s solutions. There’s a chance that you’ll find your business is superior, but it’s equally possible that you and your competitor offer the same thing. This means that value is then reduced to whichever business is offering the lowest price.


The third step is to continuously offer exceptional value to your target customers. In order to do this, you must constantly innovate your business. In order to maximize the value of your business, it’s important to figure out the question of wants versus needs. As mentioned previously, your customers buy what they want, not what they need. If you can innovate the areas of your business that customers want, you will see revenues skyrocket.


The fourth and final step is to create a list of the specific benefits your target customer will enjoy as a result of the innovations you’ve made. Not only will your customers enjoy knowing exactly what benefits they’re going to receive from your business, but your business will also benefit from offering benefits to your customers.


At the end of the day, knowing your target customer is the most important aspect of your business. If you don’t understand your target customers, you’re never going to succeed. Knowing exactly what your customers are thinking and what they want to buy from you will help dramatically increase the success of your company. In order to attract the most target customers, it’s important to tailor to your customers emotional needs as customers typically make decisions based on emotion rather than facts and figures.



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