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6 ways to provide convenience to your customers

Below are 6 ways to provide convenience to your customers:

First, your location

This is probably the best way to provide convenience when its applicable for your business

Second, availability

Customers do business on THEIR schedule, not yours

Third, ordering process

If ordering is typically a headache for your customers then solving this problem can help you to establish a powerful market dominating position

Fourth, delivery

  • When a more convenient location isn’t an option, then bring your product or service to the customer
  • One area involving delivery is mobile services
  • The business comes directly to your location to perform their services
  • This is more convenient and it enables the decorator to perform a consultative type sale
Fifth, payment terms
• If your competition doesn’t offer any type of financing options, you can differentiate your business by offering payment terms over 30, 60 or 90 days
• Offer multiple payment options such as a “3 easy payment plan”
Sixth, miscellaneous services
  • What additional services do customers consider important?
  • Offer them whenever you can
  • Consider these six areas when looking for ways your business can provide more convenience
Robert Ritch

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