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8 Eye Opening Conversations to have with Your employees

Clear communication is key in every business; here are 8 eye opening questions to ask every employee.

#1: What does our company do?

Ask this during the hiring process to help ensure a good fit and establish clear goals. Then ask it again during the employees performance reviews. It is imperative that the employees are on the same page as the management and everyone is pulling in the same direction.

#2: How do you fit in?

Each employee should clearly understand what is expected, how their work will be measured and what there role is. Be sure that the goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Create a sense of team by making sure that the employee understands and can explain how their role fits into the over all goals of the company and include them when setting and establishing said goals.

#3: Recognize Their Efforts.

Everyone likes to be praised for positive performance, this will motivate employees to continue the good work. A simple email, note or certificate will go a long way; also include monetary rewards in the form of raises or bonuses.
#4: What are your career goals?
Discussing career interests and personal strengths will make them feel valued. You can help employees develop skills that will serve them in the future as well as benefit your company. Knowledge is power!

#5: Let’s help you get there.

Regular checks-ins allow you to find out the status of work projects, provide feedback, and build stronger working relationships.

#6: How can we help you improve?

If an employee fails to meet expectations, be clear about what they need to do to improve and the consequences for failing to do so. Document the meeting and follow-up to track progress.

#7: It’s time for your performance review.

Annual performance reviews should be a dedicated conversation to give and receive feedback without the distractions of day to day operations. A true leader does not use this time as a formality; they turn it into a conversation.

#8: Can you give us feedback?

Eliciting feedback from your employees into what it is like working for your company is valuable. If an employee gives notice that they are leaving your company, conduct an exit interview to help you identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses to assist their replacement.


Being proactive with employees will minimize problems down the road. In each conversation, be direct and give the employee time to respond and ask questions.

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