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What small business should I start

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Robert Ritch was asked; What small business should I start?

It is imperative to remember but whatever you choose is the vocation for your business is not as important is Learning the art of running a business. Being excellent at a task does not directly translate into being able to run a successful business.

If I am assuming about the question that this is your first business, please email me back if this is wrong and given that assumption, It is important to choose something that you already have a skill set and knowledge in. So rather than I provide a list of the trending businesses to start at this time, I would encourage you to stay with what you know. The reasoning behind this is, there will always be hurdles you will have to overcome no matter what you choose. Having to take the time to learn a new skill set or knowledge base could be overwhelming and take too long which good result in your business failing.

Many people are satisfied with starting and running one simple business, but for me, every business I have owned has increased my skills at running a business the allowing me the opportunity to now own and invest in multiple companies.

So, in conclusion, I would encourage you to choose a business that you can get up and operating for the lowest cost and least amount of time which will provide you the opportunity to learn and have the opportunity to exit sooner rather than later. Once you have exited you, simply rinse and repeat. I wish you well in your endeavors!

Robert Ritch is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has founded, built and successfully exited four multimillion dollar companies. He has also completed over 1 billion dollars in investment deals. Rob created the ask Rob blog and YouTube channel as a way to give back and assist aspiring entrepreneurs and Business owners.




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