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Bullet Proof Marketing Equation

Do you want to know the ins and outs of marketing? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s start off with an example. Let’s say you have access to a television ad that would cost you a lot of money to run over four days. That advertisement generated an average of 137 leads and resulted in 37 of those leads, becoming paying clients. Great!

You might be thinking that this example is just about someone who got lucky. But, that’s not true! When you know and understand what happens in a market-dominating ad, you can create one in just minutes. Creating ads like this are fun when you know what you’re doing.

Do you remember that TV ad that was so compelling that it stopped you from leaving the room? Or the last print ad you saw that forced you to read it? That’s the kind of attention you want to have. You want them to pay attention to what you’re selling.

Is your phone ringing off the wall? Are you swamped with new clients? Is your server crashing every day due to the swarm of people going to your site? If you don’t see these kinds of positive results, then you’re going to need some new techniques. Would you like to learn how to make all of this happen?

The key is persuasion marketing. You must organize the buying and selling processes so that all your marketing should inform and persuade your prospects and address their wants and needs.

The four components of great marketing include interrupting, engaging, educating, and offering. These four aspects appeal to the consumer’s emotional and social wants and needs. It also focuses on your message to impact your prospect’s mind.

The bottom line is this: Marketing must grab attention, facilitate the potential client’s information gathering and decision-making process. To get the decision you want, you have to show them what they want. If you advertise your products and services in the correct way, you’ll be sure to appeal to many consumers.


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