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Has Your business Grown Today?

Your business is either growing or dying; there is no status quo. It is imperative that a CEO always be monitoring sales and market share. When sales are up, many businesses are so busy fulfilling sales that they lose momentumĀ is sales and marketing rather. Every business should set a percentage of the gross sales to go back into marketing and PR. When sales go up the amount spent on marketing and PR should go up also, but if sales go down, you should never cut the amount spent on marketing to an amount below a pre-determined minimum. As big a brand as Pepsi is; they tried not advertising and found that sales dropped drastically and quickly. If a brand as big as Pepsi can not afford not to advertise, what do you think will happen to your company if you quit advertising.

Robert Ritch is located in Franklin TN and invests in inventions and businesses.

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