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Business tip off the day: The buyers cycle; 7 steps to an effective sales process

It is important to identify, know and understand your target market.

  1. Increase awareness of your business; this will provide a sense of familiarity, comfort or intrigue. This will lead customers to the next stage.
  2. Provide Information to the customer; Some customers will be ready to buy while others are just curious but you do not want to alienate the curious as they may be a slower sale but they still have value. We live in the “Information Age” and customers are more educated than ever so they expect you to provide informational material not just sales pitches.
  3. Help Customers prioritize; they have a budget and it is your job to show why your product or service needs to part of that budget
  4. Help customers purchase by making the process as simple as possible; otherwise they may lose interest and move on.
  5. Support the customers after the purchase; the sale is not complete until the customer is satisfied! You will not get referrals or positive reviews which are gold to a business if you do not make sure that your current customers are satisfied.
  6. Promote Reuse to your customer base. Provide followup information on how the product has improved or an add on is available; are you running a special? This will greatly increase your profits as you will not have the cost of customer acquisition and you will not have to spend the same amount of time on information.
  7. Encourage Advocacy which is simply getting the customer to refer your product or service to other potential customers.
Robert Ritch

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