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How to Create Competition-Smashing Marketing Program

As a small business owner, there are few things as important as your marketing and advertising. Not only is it the way that people come even to know that your business exists, but it is your only line of defense in getting customers to select and be loyal to your business rather than to your competition. So, needless to say, you want your advertising to be as compelling as it possibly can be. Here, we will lay out some fundamental principles and standards by which you can create powerful and persuasive marketing for your business.

1: Remember that customers buy based on emotion.

Take time to get into your customer’s heads. Try to imagine the pain, worries, and stress that they may be experiencing. Try to picture yourself in a situation wherein, if you were the customer, you would be likely to choose your business over that of your competition, then create your business and your advertising in such a way as to be appealing to the customer in that situation. Don’t focus so much on the features of your business, focus instead on forming your business with solution-oriented benefits in mind. Frame your business in such a way as to present yourself to the customer as “The solution to the problems that cause me pain.” If there is a benefit or feature of your business that would make your customer say “I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I thought it would work,” integrate that into your business, then market it in such a way as to convince them that it will work.

2: Educate your customers.

If you provide microscopic information about the actual nature of your business to your customers, they will be unlikely to choose it over your competition. Provide enough information for your customers to go on and with which to make an informed decision.

3: After you educate, persuade.

To persuade your customers to buy from you, you must appeal to the fundamentals of human nature. Humans are selfish when it comes to what businesses they give their money to, so it is crucial to appeal to that selfishness in this case. The ten fundamentals of human nature with regards to businesses are:

Customers want the “best deal.”

This does not necessarily mean being the cheapest. It means offering the most for the least, offering all that the customer wants and more, then offering it all for a lower price than your competition. In your advertising, stress that you will be the business to give the customer the most “bang for their buck.”

-Market to the negative.

As said earlier, you will get results by appealing to your customer’s negative emotions. Their fears, worries, and stressful subjects. Remind them of the stressful aspects of their lives, then present your business as the solution.

-Prospects buy based on emotion, and use logic to justify the purchase.

Do not downplay the logical sense in buying your product or service. Appeal to emotion first, then show why your business is the most logical choice.

-Prospects buy from a business that is unique.

You must offer the customer something that the competition is not offering. Don’t provide a dime-a-dozen product, offer something new and creative.

-Prospects buy “extraordinary value, not price.

We mentioned above that marketing is about “bang for the buck.” Remember that this does not always mean the lowest price. Customers are not buying based on the cheapest because most inexpensive does not always mean best. They are buying based on the best value. So present yourself as offering the best benefits to them, and then advertise a price that will seem to match and even exceed that value.

-You must be able to effectively communicate these aspects.

If you can’t effectively tell your customers about your uniqueness and extraordinary value, they will not buy. So take care in how you present and lay out the information.

-Prospects buy what they want, not what they need.

Don’t attempt to appeal to why your customers “need” to buy from you. They likely don’t need it. Appeal to why they should want to.

-An undisturbed prospect will never buy.

Don’t be afraid to interrupt your customer’s lives or to ask them for their time. If you expect them to buy from you, you need to show interest and sometimes that involves mildly disturbing them in their daily lives. But if you don’t, they will never be persuaded to buy from you.

-Prospects will do anything to avoid pain, but little to obtain pleasure.

Most customers will not go out of their way to buy something just for pleasure. But most will go out of their way to avoid pain. Market your ability to relieve their pain and solve their problems, not simply to the positive emotions or happiness that will come from buying from you.

-Prospects don’t care about you and your business, only about themselves.

And again, customers are selfish when it comes to this. Appeal to that selfishness.

4: Innovation is the key.

As stated above, you must be unique and exciting, or your competition will always win out. To achieve this, you must innovate. You must be creative. You must pour your passion and intellect into what you’re doing and find a new take on it, then work hard to bring your vision to pass. You will get what you work for, if you work for an innovative and appealing product, you will achieve it.

5: Get and keep the customer’s attention.

If your customers are not immediately engaged when you advertise to them, they will likely tune you out. It is important that you start off strong and interesting. Pace your advertising wisely. Make them stick with you and give you attention. This means building up their negative emotions with the anticipation that you will present a solution. Don’t sell the whole farm from the start, build up anticipation and keep them interested until the end. Then sell your product. If you do this, and if you have sufficiently made your product and the content of your marketing appealing to them, you will be irresistible.

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