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How to Generate Leads Online


When posting online, social media managers and marketing agencies are focused getting the highest return on investment they can. This means that every post, tweet, or Instagram needs to generate as many sales lead as possible. So how do marketers create content that generates legitimate sales leads and that coveted return on investment?  Let’s look at some professional methods that are employed in everyday print advertising and apply them to creating internet content.

Lead Generation Strategies: How to Convert Attraction Into Conversion

There are two approaches to using attraction to create a conversion, and the best examples are wildly different publications: Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and The New Yorker.

Cosmopolitan focuses on creating content that feeds our desire for excess, even if that excess is an excess of information. Take a look at these example article titles:

-75 Crazy Hot Dance Moves

-10 Cheap Fun Date Ideas

-117 Style Ideas Already in Your Wardrobe

The actual content of most of these articles is just bullet points that go on and on forever.

Men’s Health uses a similar model to Cosmopolitan by emphasizing similar titles that feed the desire for excess regarding the road success in life

-Kick Stress Where it Hurts

-How To Get Rock Hard Abs

-7 Secrets to a Richer Retirement

Cosmo-style and Men’s Health content gets re-tweeted, shared on Facebook, and travels through other social media channels more often because everyone knows that people are more attracted to this type of content. People also recognize that reposting this attractive content makes them appear more attractive by association, so it is a natural progression to re-tweet, share, and repost.

The New Yorker, on the other hand, takes an entirely different approach to converting attraction into actual sales. Content in the New Yorker is in-depth, well-written, and drives home a specific point. When you imitate the New Yorker’s style, you impress upon the reader that you can tell them something they don’t already know. That impression is so powerful; it drives the reader to investigate further what you have to say.

Quality online content is what matters most when converting attraction into sales leads. The more in-depth content a customer finds, the harder it will be to resist your “subscribe” or “buy” offers. These techniques apply to audio and video content as well, so YouTube and podcasting are also excellent sources of lead generation when paired with the right high-quality content. The more time a consumer spends reading, listening, or watching that high-quality content, the more likely they are to follow up with the source. For that New Yorker-style content, you need depth, detail, and analysis. When you invest more detail and depth into your posts and content, you will see your lead generation skyrocket.

Choosing the Strategy That’s Right For Your Business

So which of these offers is the right strategy? All of them. There is no rule against using multiple marketing strategies at the same time, and implementation is everything. Cosmopolitan-style content should be used for all headlines and copy, as well as free offers and website information. Include New Yorker-style content videos, podcasts, or articles as well to keep consumers investigating and looking into what you have to offer. This mix of strategies will attract a large number of new clients and create more conversions from initial hit attractions.

Additionally, organizing your content should follow a technique used by print media for decades. Articles towards the front are lighter and designed to grab a reader’s attention, whereas articles toward the back are longer and more in-depth. Online, you can use lightweight attraction headlines to guide them to your website, where you have the in-depth content prominently displayed. With this mix of content, your prospective customers will be more likely to check back with you daily. It doesn’t make sense to apply just one strategy, so don’t limit yourself to one. Blend your content strategically, and watch your lead generation and conversion rate soar.

Establishing Preeminence: How to Maintain Credibility and Trust With Visitors and Prospective Customers

Once you have strategically organized your content with a balance of Cosmopolitan and New Yorker-style content, your focus should shift to establishing the preeminence of your site as a credible, trustworthy content creator. Use your content to highlight the difference between your business and your competitors. Quality content that is expertly placed decreases or eliminates and need for you to “sell” your products and services, and instead positions you to help your prospective customers buy instead of selling them something. This means generating leads as effectively as possible. Here are some specific strategies for generating those leads.

6 Steps to Generating Quality Leads

Step 1

Write out ten (10) most frequently asked client questions

Example: A personal trainer

-”What’s the best exercise I can do to drop pounds quickly?”

-”How often should I do cardio every week?”

Step 2

Write out ten (10) questions your “should ask.” What questions do they not know to ask?

Example: A personal trainer

-”What’s the truth about dieting?”

-”Why do most people think that for them to lose weight, they should eat less?”

Step 3

Record 20 short videos responding to each question

-30 seconds to 3 minutes in length

-end up with 30-90 minutes of expert-generated high-quality content

If you don’t have access to a camera, here’s what you can do:

-Create a PowerPoint presentation

-Record it with Camtasia/Keynote

-Make a free Prezi or Rocket slide presentation

Step 4

Record 4 short “mini-videos” – 1 to 5 minutes each

Mini-video #1 – To Get More, Go Here video

-At the end of each video, you tell people to go to your Video Lead Capture Landing Page to receive all 20 videos.

Pro Tip: You can record this video once and then add it to the end of all 20 videos during editing instead of recording it at the end of every video as you record it.

Mini-video #2 – Lead Capture Page video

-”Enter your name and email to get all 20 videos.”

-Connect with your prospects and explain your offer. Explain why they should sign up for the remaining videos.

Mini-video #3 – Thank You Page video

-When someone fills in your form, tell them they’ll receive their first video as soon as they click a confirmation link that your autoresponder emails them.

Mini-video #4 – “Buy My Stuff” video

-Put this on your “thank you” page or on a separate landing page.

Step 5

Create a Lead Capture Page

-Send people her after they watch your video to sign up for the remaining videos. Every time they enter their info on this page, you are gaining a free sales lead.

Step 6

Upload your videos

You need your content on as many video sharing sites, social bookmarking sites, podcast directories, social media, and blogs as possible. It can take a significant period to upload such a large quantity of video, so be prepared to dedicate a good chunk of your computer’s time to getting these videos up online.

Submitting Your Content

Search engines gobble up videos quickly, so make sure the keywords and phrases your videos are associated with are carefully chosen. With multiple  well-chosen keywords, you can dominate the search keywords that are associated with your video in 24-48 hours. Good keyword selection drives up your organic (read free) rankings on search engines dramatically, and you will begin to see a huge influx of prospects coming to your site to request videos. How you structure the presentation of your content when submitting it is vital.

Make Sure Your Video is:

-RELEVANT to the question being asked.

-Includes OFFER for more instruction videos.

-Free special REPORT.

-Several business survey TEMPLATES

Ask yourself this question after watching your video: Would you be COMPELLED to go that site?

When you post your videos…

-posted them multiple times to multiple sites

-use different keywords for each post

-Four different keywords QUADRUPLES your video presence and market domination

Why This Multiple Posting/Multi-Keyword Technique?

Here’s an example:

-If someone in San Diego searches for:

“San Diego Real Estate” and your video is labeled “San Diego Homes for Sale,” it won’t show up in the organic listings.

-This method of posting on multiple sites with multiple search keywords associated helps your content get found using multiple search terms and keywords. This way, no matter what your prospects enter in the search bar your content is going to pop up.

What’s in it for you?

Let’s do a rundown of the benefits:

-Massive instant exposure and distribution

-20 videos x 80 sites x 4 submissions = 6,400 outbound objects at minimum

-Video content presence on social networks, social bookmarking sites, and podcast directories

-Exposure instantly begins to build your lead list

-Video content establishes YOU as a credible expert

-Prospective customers feel a sense of connection with you

Important Considerations for Online Leads

Make sure that you take good care of the leads your content is generating by doing the following:

-Always place all prospective leads into an autoresponder

-Send them video links daily for twenty (20) days.

-Each message should describe the video

-A teaser about what they’ll learn

-A P.S. message that sends them straight to your sales page or your “buy my stuff” video

The Wrap Up

Ultimately, using these steps and making sure your content is generating your sales leads is key to driving a successful online business. Remember, quality content is more effective at converting prospective customers to buyers, so make sure you are producing quality content and posting it multiple ways with multiple keyword searches to maximize your marketing distribution online. Get your business found today, and get that great content rolling to earn for you.

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