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How to Generate Online Leads Using Webinars

One of the traditional tried-and-true techniques to generate sales leads has always been seminars.  They are a great way to present the message you want to a group of qualified prospects in person.  However, traditional seminars have some drawbacks.  To put on a seminar, you have high overhead costs in renting the space and supplying refreshments, while enjoying an average no-show rate of 70%.  That doesn’t sound very efficient, does it?

When most business owners think about generating online leads, they think pay-per-click, e-mail marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).  While all of these tools are useful, they lack the personal interaction required to establish a relationship with your prospects.  Modern technology now allows us to hold web-based seminars (webinars) and teleseminars using the power of the internet.  Most businesses are not aware of the marketing power of webinars, so they are a great way for you to gain a competitive advantage.  Done correctly, webinars can boost your sales, convert more leads, boost your brand, and reach a global audience.

When hosting a webinar, there are five common mistakes that most businesses make:

1) Too little effort applied to compel prospects to attend the webinar.  Remember to offer to solve a hot button problem that they have, then convince them to register and continually remind them to attend.  It takes a bunch of time and effort, but getting prospects to attend is half the battle.

2) Winging It.  Failing to develop and use a compelling script for your presentation is a great way to fail.  Take the time to rehearse.

3) Failure to use the technology.  Make sure your webinar has real-time audio, video, and web interaction in place.

4) Failure to employ marketing techniques. Make sure you grab your prospects’ attention, engage them, and give them a call to action.

5) No Follow-up.  Regular follow-up with your prospects is an important part of the sales process.  Four percent are ready to buy, but the other ninety-six percent will need to be repeatedly reminded of the benefits of your product for conversion in the future.

Now that we know what not to do, here are six foolproof strategies for webinar success:

1) Focus on a single, compelling hot button topic.  Appeal to emotion and offer a solution to a single problem.  Keep it simple.

2) Target your ideal prospects. Figure out your niche audience and appeal to them.  This will filter out any prospects who aren’t really interested in your product.

3) Invite as many ideal prospects as possible, repeatedly.  Keep sending prospects invites to your webinar, and ramp it up as the event gets closer.

4) Use polling questions during your presentation.  This is a great way to keep attendees engaged, and establishes a back-and-forth.

5) Build customer relationships.  Connect with your new customers emotionally, and share your passion with them.  Keep the sales pressure low during the presentation.

6) Deliver on your opening promise and ask for the sale.  To finish, always offer a solution to their problem (your product) and the way to solve it (the sale).

Using webinars can be a great tool to establish your brand worldwide.  Make sure to avoid the common mistakes, and follow the foolproof strategies to make your webinar a success.  When used correctly, webinars can shorten the buying cycle and expand your customer database quickly, and with minimal expense.

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