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Generating Leads via Newsletter and Email

Email and newsletters are an often overlooked source of sales lead generation. When a marketing campaign does not see success via email, the problem may not be the product or service offered, but the techniques of persuasion that are employed when composing emails and newsletters. There are seven key components to good persuasive technique in writing and advertising:

-Acknowledge and empathize with the prospect’s fear

-Demonstrate that you’re trustworthy

-Use social proof

-Pre-sell with exceptional content

-Convey your authority

-Show them the benefits of your solution

-Give clear and accurate instructions for what to do next

As previously stated, your email and newsletter campaign can benefit from applying all of these steps to the composition of their content. Customers want solutions, so present them with your solutions as their best option. Don’t leave them with their instincts, but instead create a shared narrative with them that provides a vivid experience of your story combined with theirs.

Primarily, the good persuasive technique begins with assessing what information the customer gives you, so let them talk. They need to share their fears, concerns, and frustrations with previous interactions doing business elsewhere. Knowing the specifics of their situation allows you to better tailor your marketing to the customers that are starting new business relationships. The process of establishing trust requires that both parties share what they have, and making sure that you exchange information tailored to what customers tell you is key to persuading them into a buying decision.

Here are the research backed elements of  a persuasive email or newsletter:

1. Present your position clearly and with conviction

2. Explain your position with data and the right facts, logic, and information

3. Structure your “deals” and move on to your closure

Ultimately, these techniques allow you to do all the heavy thinking for your prospective customers and guide them to a positive buying decision. A skilled persuader doesn’t force their position on another person, but rather learns what they want, does the deep thinking for the other person, and determines how best to position the discussion. Applying these principles to your marketing materials, especially at-a-glance media like email and newsletters, is a scientifically proven method for driving sales and sales leads. Don’t disregard what has been proven to work. Boost your leads and your sales, and try the effective approach today.

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