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Veterans Day And White Background With Wavy USA Flag Design

TO Honor Our Veterans on Veterans Day

Veterans Day and White Background With Wavy USA Flag DesignRobert Ritch launched today The Robert Ritch Foundation is honoring our veterans in 3 ways.

Initially by providing $2 million in funds to veterans who would like to start or buy a company. You will see the absolute minimum of 20 grants issued ranging from $25,000 to $100,000. These funds is accustomed purchase advertising, appropriate, bookkeeping and consulting with industry frontrunners. These places are becoming targeted on the basis of the reasons many small businesses fail. Robert Ritch pulled from his knowledge as a business owner and trader; identifying that entrepreneur and small companies are extremely talented at their particular plumped for vocation but fail as a result of insufficient experience in running a small business. Veterans possess control and drive that it takes to run a company, but they in addition understand the division of tasks. The army purely divides features and responsibilities; we are going to offer veterans with all the skilled help solutions they need to proceed. Veterans wishing to apply for a grant should contact Robert Ritch straight at


Next and important, donations to charities that offer treatment and support to disabled veterans and their loved ones are produced in an undisclosed quantity across numerous businesses which have been vetted to make sure that the veterans have the services described.