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How To Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking Before They Think It

If you want your business to be successful, then the most important thing you can do is get to know your clients. Your customer profile can be broken down into two different profiles: physical and emotional. The physical profile includes items such as age, income level, and marital status. Physical profiles are only responsible for about 10% of the success equation for your business while 90% of the success comes from your customer’s emotional profile.


Psychological profiles of your target customers will reveal what your client wants, and you can use this information to focus your business towards those wants. Also, the emotional profile can reveal emotional problems, frustrations, fears and concerns that your target customers face when they go to buy products. The physical profile breaks down the prospects’ logical needs, while the emotional profile shows their emotional wants.


Customers are shopping for a product because they’re looking for a solution to the problem they face. If you offer that solution to them and offer the best value, then the customers will buy from you. Everyone is looking to buy the best deal, and because of this, people are looking for the most value for the price they pay. This means that you can get up to double the price from your customers if you offer them four times the value of your competitors.


When your client wants something, they make an emotional decision. This is one of the reasons why psychological profiles are so important. The success of a small business lies on finding customers that want what you sell, offering them the most value, positioning your marketing message in front of them, and removing risk, so they experience it themselves.


Your emotional profile of your customers begins the actual process of separating your business from the rest of the competition. It’s important to make sure your business finds a particular offering for customers, because business who try to do everything for everyone often end up failing to differentiate themselves.


For a business to be successful, there are three things they need to do. First, as mentioned above, you have to stand out from the crowd and make sure people differentiate you. Second, you have to offer exceptional value to your customers. If the value isn’t there, they’ll move on to your competitors. Lastly, you need to make sure you communicate how unique your business is and the value offered to the customers. When customers are unaware of your uniqueness and value, it makes it easy for them to skip over you.


The easiest way to achieve success in your business is to build complete and accurate profiles of your target customers. Make sure you know every detail about your customer, so you can begin to relate to them and direct your business towards what they want. The more you can tailor your business towards your target customers, the more successful you will be.

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