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Jeffrey Gitomer – No One is a Born Salesperson

This video by Jeffrey Gitomer is right on target. We are all salespeople whether we like it or not. Sales often get a negative connotation but it should not! People need products and services, and you need them to purchase said items from you. Selling does not need to be a high-pressure situation; it should be about building relationships.

One of my favorite books by Jeffrey Gitomer is “Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource.”

Some people are born with the ability to speak; they have that personality, they have the “gift of gab.” And some people are born with smart parents. I was lucky to have both of those elements happen: my parents are smart, and I have the gift of gab, but I learned the science of selling and so can you. You are not born to be a salesperson, you have born personality traits, and you can take those traits and harmonize them with the science of selling and become a master. There are no born salespeople, but there are made salespeople.

If you’re brand new in sales there are a couple of things you’ve got to do: Become a recognized expert at something – I don’t care what it is and brand yourself that way with your own blog and your own social media presence. Go to customers places of business that are already doing business with you and find out why they bought. and start earlier and stay later than everybody on staff..