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Lead like a human not a computer

Some of the best leadership training I have received was from playing sports and my time with the US Navy. People are inspired by seeing your passion but you will lose them if your become a drama queen. Leadership is a balancing act between keeping a professional distance but knowing enough about what is going on in peoples lives to understand how it is affecting their work.

Some of my real life examples are:

When your staff of vendor is missing family events or caring for their sick children, parents or spouse ; you do not get their best. Remember time is money which relates to when people are not distracted and therefore at their best if saves you time and money. Solution: give them the option to complete the work from home or attend the meeting through a webinar. Do you really care if they do the work at 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon as long as it gets done. Also, do this for yourself; while we all need to make a living and support the family you can not get time back once it is gone!

We all get sick; if an employee is sick send them home! If they stay at the office; you run the risk of the res of the staff getting sick, the sick person getting sicker and missing more time. Yes, this one applies to you also!

To sum it up use the golden rule: threat your staff like you would like to be treated!

Robert Ritch



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