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MNZO August 4 2017 by President Robert Ritch

It has been a busy but productive week; here are the highlights:

  • The previous management did not complete filings and gathering those records has been a challenge. We are working through these issues with our legal counsel, but this will take some time. MNZO has been through several management changes and reversed mergers/name changes. Thus we are not filing for a ticker change or another reverse at this time. The following are other delayed items because of the above-stated issues:
    • Name change is on hold
    • OTC Markets filings and stop sign being removed
  • Manzo Management Services
    • Manzo Management Services will be the operating company
    • The logo is finalized and on this post
    • We anticipate the completion of the website next week
    • Operations will begin on or about September 1, 2017
  • Acquisitions updates
    • MNZO will be creating a share class of Preferred B to handle these transactions
    • Simple Marketing Inc.: we are just waiting on a business evaluation to be completed which we expect next week, and a closing date will be set at that time
    • We are talks with several other companies but have not entered into Letters of Intent at this time.
      • Ten-year-old Pipeline Services Company
      • 50-year-old Furniture Manufacturer
      • Several small media companies
      • Management services companies that would be a good fit for Manzo Management Services


Answers to your questions:

How many shares are authorized and issued:

Have I bought additional shares: Yes, my immediate family and I have bought shares from the trading boards totaling 1,328,200

Do I or MNZO profit from the shares trading on the market: No neither I nor MNZO receives any of the funds from the shares traded on the market unless I sell shares on the market which I have not sold one share. The proceeds from those sells go to the individual or entity who sold the shares. For MNZO to receive funds from the sale of shares, MNZO would have to file a stock offering which we have not done since I took control.


I would also like to note: I am funding all the operations, filings and other costs as MNZO had no assets when I took over. The good news is MNZO is now debt free except for these items which I plan to settle with preferred shares rather than have debt on the financial statements. I make this statement to reiterate that I am in this for the long term, not just a quick exit!

As always contact me with any questions or concerns at



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