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MNZO July 21 2017 by President Robert Ritch

This week we focused on getting the filing with the State of Wyoming up to date as the company had fallen delinquent. This can be viewed at .

Negotiations are proceeding with our acquisition targets, and we hope to have some public announcements available in the next few weeks.

I want to thank the investors for the confidence they showed in me by the movement in the stock since my first announced last week. I know the perils of pink sheet and penny stock investing, and I am truly humbled by the response the market has shown. While I understand the need to take profits; I hope many investors will see the long term approach and opportunity MNZO offers.

I am adding a form at where you can submit your questions, comments, and concerns.

Below are some questions that I have been asked and my responses:

Question: I see your Share Structure is very small especially for the Caliber of businesses you’re bringing into MANZO, but I do have to ask. Do you intend to do a Reverse Split essentially wiping out us Shareholders when you file for a name and symbol change?  I hope not, but it’s a question I must ask.

I responded”I totally understand your concern as I am also an investor and have experienced the good and bad of those moves. At this time, I have no plans to do a reverse split. My philosophy to use the baseball analogy is not to swing for home-runs but singles. Many advisors have told me that you cannot build a company from $0.0001 with a reverse split. It may take me longer, but I believe I can by making the right moves and having a structured long term plan. I am in this for the long run not to just pump the shares and move on!”

Questions: Robert could you please Tweet or in your Friday announcement to shareholders cover the DTC Chill issue. Many cannot purchase this stock.

I answered: I am aware of this issue and this is the result of former management team committing securities violations; see

When I took control of MNZO; I fully realized the up hill battle I was facing but did not consider these issues to be too big to overcome. Again, I want to emphasize that I am in this for the long run. I do not have a timeframe at this point but will be working on this issue.


Question: Do you have any idea when you are going to start submitting financials so we can become current.  That alone would increase the stock price considerably?

Answer: I am working toward this but do not have a firm timeframe at this time.


I feel we have accomplished a lot in a week, but I openly admit there is still a lot of work to do; this reminds of a saying one of my mentors used “If it was easy; everyone would do it!”

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