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MNZO July 28 2017 by President Robert Ritch

To start off; I want to emphasize again that this is a long term play for me and not just a quick hit; therefore news and events will be occurring at a steady and planned pace. As an investor, this can be great news or be disturbing depending on your investment strategy. I would like to point out that since I took over the stock has risen from $0.0001 to a close yesterday of $0.0013 and that by the trading volume many have taken profits.

Here is a recap of events this week:

  • Executed Letter of Intent and entered into due diligence with Simple Marketing Inc.
  • Have submitted a request to change the name to Manzo Holdings Inc, which will better reflect the purpose of the company. My team settled on this name so we would not have to change the ticker symbol. As some of you have expressed concerns about the stock being reversed; I will state again that we have no plans to do so at this time.
  • We are forming Manzo Mangement Services which will be a wholly owned LLC of MNZO. This company will be the operating company. The purpose of this business will be to supply admin services such as but not limited to Book Keeping/Accounting, Legal, IT, Logistics and Risk Management/Compliance to the companies that MNZO owns or has an equity position. This along with the acquisition of Simple Marketing Inc. will provide a solid support base to the sibling companies so they can focus on running and growing the business.

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