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MANZO Management Services

MNZO update September 1, 2017 with President Robert Ritch


This week we made some serious progress and some setbacks

  1. Simple Marketing Inc. is all set to close on September 5, 2017
  2. Manzo Management Services is on track to open on September 5, 2017; this will be the operating entity of MNZO.  Also, next weeks update will be posted on and shared here also.
  3. Trailer Manufacturer in Texas was set to close on September 1, 2017, but issues arose during due diligence and the deal is dead for now.
  4. The following are in negotiations
    1. Ten-year-old Pipeline Services Company
    2. Several small media companies
    3. Aluminum & Steel Tank Mfg Company
    4. Energy Sector Supplier
    5. Disaster Restoration Business
    6. Financial Services Company
    7. Truck and Trailer Roadside Repair
    8. Wedding and Event Center
    9. Meat Manufacturing and Distributor Business
    10. Mountian Resort
    11. Risk Management Firm
    12. Metal fabrication focusing on the Commercial, Industrial, Construction, and Automotive Industry

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