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Piggyback On Celebrity News

What would a celebrity charge to place your product or service in front of all their social media followers? You can do this by investing a little time!

When news breaks on a celebrity and the story starts going viral on social media; you can piggyback on this news. For example when Britney Spears was photographed driving with her infant in the front seat in a forward facing car seat; a child safety consultant offered free child safety lessons to Britney Spears.
This may seem like you are being a wise guy but celebrities like and profit from press; good or bad because it puts them back in front of you and they become the talk of the town again. Also; for some reason that I have yet not figure out about human nature; a story about someone doing something bad will get more transaction than a story about someone doing something good but I will leave that one for the psychologist to figure out.
Many of you will read this and ignore it or will not take the time to be creative but I promise the ones who try it will see results.
Robert Ritch

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