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Risk Reversal for your customers

Risk Reversal is the art of identifing the various reasons a potential customer would hesitate to buy and then what can you do to overcome them.

While the risk reversal is like a guarantee; it produces more results.
The standard guarantees look like this:
  • Money back guarantee: This was a powerful marketing tool years ago but consumers have seen it so much that it does make you stand out because your competition is offering it also.
  • Try it before you buy it: The customer can try the product before they pay for it.
  • Customer Always Wins: The customer can keep a bonus gift even if they return the product for a full refund.
  • Double your money back: you offer the customer double their money back if they are not satisfied 
Consumers do not value these offers because they know that the companies that offer them build in steps that make it hard to take advantage of these guarantees and this tells the consumer that you are offering a guarantee that you never intend to honor or you will make it so time consuming that the customer will never take advantage of it. Guarantees intended to increase sales often give the perception of dishonesty to your customers and therefore hurt you rather than help you!
Risk Reversal is the art of openly addressing a customers concerns; remember people love to buy but they hate to be sold. By answering their questions and concerns you are giving them the opportunity to buy; presenting guarantees is selling them and they hate that.
Let me add that warranties are not guarantees; consumers expect you to warranty your product or service and your competition offers them also.

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