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Tinker Tech, inventors of Hillbarrow deal is dead

Update: July 18, 2017

Robert Ritch announced today that he is withdrawing from Tinker Tech. He stated the following reasons for withdrawing:

  • Gary Vandelinde inventor of the Hillbarrow was not able to produce a prototype to take to market at an acceptable cost.
  • Based on our research the patent is challengeable by a competitor who already has sales called the PAW (Power Assisted Wheelbarrow).

This is the PAW product

Robert Ritch announced today that he had completed an investment deal with Valerie and Gary Vandelinde, the owners of Tinker Tech. Gary Vandelinde invented and patented the motorized wheelbarrow, “Hillbarrow.”  Gary Vandelinde operates a concrete company in Lexington KY and invented the Hillbarrow to assist on difficult job sites. He found the Hillbarrow was not only more efficient but also much safer to use than the traditional wheelbarrow and decided to patent the product and take it to market.

Gary Vandelinde reached out to Robert Ritch for not only capital but Rob’s experience in building and running businesses.

Robert Ritch has engaged Robert Downey, Founder, and CEO of Simple Marketing Firm to handle the marketing. Robert Ritch and Robert Downey announced they will be accepting pre-orders by mid-February. If you are interested in more information email Robert Ritch,


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