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“You can do anything and if at first don’t succeed, try again and again until you do.”

Born in 1965 in a humble background, Robert Ritch has become a successful entrepreneur and an inspiration to many. Life has not always been rosy for the businessman and mentor to aspiring and budding entrepreneurs.

For starters, Robert was born with a club foot, but that did not stop him from playing basketball and football in high school and college. Rob’s mantra he got from his mother is “You can do anything and if at first don’t succeed, try again and again until you do.”

The successful entrepreneur attributes his life and business success to his mother.



Robert received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Management; he also received his JD in Law while working for the Navy.

Work Experience

After college, Robert went to the Navy as a Security Specialist where he stayed until he received a career-ending injury in 1994 and then founded Ritch and Associates.


Current Positions

Robert is currently:


Besides being a prosperous businessman, Robert is involved in a few nonprofit and volunteer services through the Robert Ritch Foundation. Besides fundraising for worthy causes, Robert is passionate about arts and culture, politics, economic empowerment, animal welfare, and veterans.

Robert’s mission is to provide jobs and guide companies and entrepreneurs to financial success and thus in his own words “feed and provide security for as many children and grandchildren as possible!”