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Secured Equity Group

Secured Equity Group is a group of family offices which invests in businesses at various revenue stages. Investments are made based on the potential of the entrepreneur and their team and are not industry specific. Individuals are not measured just on past experiences but on future ability and potential. Our CEO and Chairman of the Board Robert Ritch often says “we back the jockey not just the horse.”

Our goal is to to provide wealth and financial security for our investors, entrepreneurs, business owners and their employees as well as for ourselves.

Investment Targets:


Seed and pre-revenue who have a product or service but lack the capital to take it to market


Growth including mergers and acquisitions. Businesses in need of inventory, hiring additional staff, marketing, opening new locations or any other logical move.


Many companies experience cash flows issues for a variety of reasons. Our team of experts will determine the cause of the cash flows issues, a long-term solution and the capital to resolve the problem


  • Funds for partner buyouts whether due to an illness, death or dispute
  • Staged exit for owners
  • complete sale of the company to us or we will finance the sale to a third party

Mergers & Acquisitions

Purchase your competitors’ companies or increase your margins by buying your vendors

Publicly Traded Companies

We offer loans and investment capital to publicly traded companies

Go Public

Capital will be provided to fund the IPO process and investor relations.


Apply for Investment

Our Process:

  1. Submit your business plan/executive summary/pitch deck or a simple letter explaining who/what/when/where and why.
  2. Information will be requested and exchanged
  3. Term sheet issued
  4. Due Diligence/Feasibility Study completed
  5. Final Offer and document preparation
  6. Closing


Invest With Us

We offer investors the opportunity to follow on with us in our investments. We are not a pooled fund, and we do not charge management fees. As an investor, you will invest directly into the targeted companies with a minimum investment of as little as $1,000 at times. These opportunities are open to anyone seeking to grow their portfolio for retirement, income, and financial stability. The risk of investing is mitigated because Secured Equity Group takes an active management role in our investments.
You will be emailed company profiles and news through email; we will never call unless you request it, and your information will never be shared or sold!


Secured Equity Group


(615) 241-5241


401 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 1200
Chicago, Illinois 60611


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