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Some Customers Are Not Worth Having

In business we are always focused on getting new clients but the reality is that we need to fire some clients! You know the ones I am speaking about; they complain, make special demands and take at least the twice the amount of time of your other clients. The reality is that even if they pay on time; they are costing you money. You only have two things to invest in business: time and money; and there is a limited amount of both. While thinking about firing a customer can be scary, consider this; if you take back your time and focus it on finding good clients, you will double the income you lost because you will get back the time you were losing. Before you fire a client simply explain to them that your policies are set and you can not make exceptions; they can comply or find someone else to to meet their needs. You will be surprised how many will respect you and become good clients.

Robert Ritch

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