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The business scam behind raising the minimum wage?

Many states are raising the minimum wage and there are lobbyist pushing to raise it nationally; but who is lobbying for this? Who is organizing and funding the movement?

This may surprise you but it is tech companies that sell and proceed the IT and Hardware for self checkout. This industry has been trying to break into fast food and other minimum wage industries for years, but getting industries of that size to change there operations and spend money to do it is not an easy task! So how do you create a need or a crisis that will force them to make a change? You simply make it to expensive to continue in the status quo.

Human resources are always the most expensive resource a business has! For years fast food and service industries have built there pricing and profit models around the cost of hiring employees and with the increase in minimum wage this model no longer works.

Increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour is not a simple 10% increase that can be observed and/or passed on to the consumer; it is an average increase of 40%. So keeping the human resources no longer works and they are forced to either automate the process and replace employees or go out of business.

Does this make the tech companies evil? No; remember industrial revolution that made this country a super power was built on replacing human resources with automation. So instead of the politicians focusing on pushing the minimum wage they should be focusing on how to create jobs for the individuals that will be unemployed by automation because it is not a question of if automation will replace human resources it is a question of how long it will take?

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