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Tips on reading a resume and who to interview

Business owners often struggle with the hiring process because they have no background in human resources; even if you do have HR experience, hiring for someone else can be very different than hiring for your own company.
So here are some tips on how to read a resume and decide who to interview:
  • How many jobs has the applicant had? A “job jumper” can cost a small business because there is a cost of time and lost productivity every time you have to hire and train a new employee. 
  • How much time occurred between positions? There are legitimate reasons for employment gaps; such as taking care of family, elderly parents or young children; also health reasons but all these need to be accounted for and explained. If they appear to be hiding something you should avoid hiring them.
  • Do they have relevant experience? Does there previous experience show the skills you are in need of? They may be a great person but do they have the skills you are in need of? Hint: You should have a clear job description and list of needed skills written down before you run the ad for help.


  • Has the candidate exhibited increases in responsibility? Does the resume show an increase in job skills and responsibilities or did they just hold the status quo? It is imperative for a small business to hire employees who are seeking growth and not just doing time because you have limited resources and need your employees to grow as your company grows.
  • Did they pay attention to spelling and grammar? This shows how much time and effort they put into the resume which will directly reflect on how much time they will put into the job once they are hired.

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