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Using Landing Pages To Drive Leads

When users click advertising links, they are often directed to the special site called a landing page. Landing pages feature only information regarding the product or service that was clicked on by the user. The purpose of landing pages is to persuade the user to make a positive buying decision or provide information for a sales lead. Landing pages drive sales and leads from customers who click links, and they offer greater potential for success than typical website homepages. Here’s a quick rundown of how to use landing pages to drive sales and leads for your business.

Landing Pages Simplify

Customers who arrive at a company’s website homepage are confronted by a dizzying number of options. Typically, they arrive at the site, search for a menu in regard to the product they saw, click a menu to find the desired product, then click the link in the menu, then click to select from another menu to buy the product, and then they are directed to yet another page to click and enter all their checkout information. Landing pages eliminate this complicated, time-consuming series of clicks by taking consumers directly to the product they clicked on in an ad. To keep consumers focused on what they initially set out to purchase, the landing page makes buying a matter of a click or two, instead of drawing the process out while navigating the whole website.

Landing Pages Target Directly

Any company with multiple marketing campaigns for its products should develop individual landing pages for each of those campaigns. This helps prevent over-bombarding potential customers with options and information and instead allowing them to focus on the initial message in the advertising that attracted them to a product. Landing pages can also be used to collect information for further sales leads, and depending on which landing page those customers choose, the marketing department will already know how to pursue that customer’s business.

Landing Pages Need a Call to Action

Get potential customers to do something on the landing page that will help close the sale further down the road. Here are some examples that often prove effective:

-register for an event

-complete an information request form

-download a whitepaper

-subscribe to an online newsletter

-request a sales call

It is essential to only offer one of the above suggestions. Don’t confuse potential buyers with too many options, select one and put it on the landing page where it will have the greatest impact. Align each call to action with the marketing strategy for each landing page, and watch leads and business increase exponentially.

Following these simple tips for creating effective landing pages is an excellent way to drive leads for any business. Check back next time for a post regarding landing page design and maximizing its impact on your business.

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